Pirates of the Pandemic is a NFT community whose objective is to build a well renowned Metaverse brand through an enjoyable Play-to-Earn gaming and decentralized finance experience that prioritizes community empowerment and asset ownership.

In order to join us on our journey (#OpenseaOdyssey) you will have to purchase a Pirate NFT. The Pirates are divided into 5 factions and are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Pre-sale mint is now over. Mint Phase 2 will be announced soon. Join our discord for more details. Arrrgh!

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A Brand for the community, built by the community.

With your ideas, support and feedback we will disrupt the market to push the boundaries of innovation in the Metaverse.

Benefits of holding a Pirates of the Pandemic NFT

  • Free and early access to Ferocity (Play-to-Earn Battle Royale game)
  • Access to our NFT Staking and Lending protocols to earn $POP Tokens and an APY (%)
  • Access to a DAO which gives you the right to vote on the future of the brand and a percentage of the profits generated
  • Exclusive membership for the "Sunrise Marina" ; A beachfront resort on the Metaverse with networking events, arcade games and an interactive 3D NFT gallery.
  • Community fund to acquire blue chip art and NFTs through secondary market royalties. These acquisitions will be used for treasure hunts and giveaways for our holders.

*Further details are available on our Whitepaper

Ferocity P2E Battle Royale


Ferocity (Alpha Demo) will be released exclusively to Pirate NFT holders in of Q2 2022 (May). The public will be able to access the game by the end of Q3 2022. The game can be accessed for free by Pirate NFT holders. Non holders can access the game by paying a small fee for each session.


Earn Crypto currency for Kills, loots, In-game treasure hunts and ranking high on the weekly/monthly leaderboards


Trade in-game NFTs such as accessories, apparel, skins and emotes for cryptocurrency


Be involved in the game's resolutions and future by voting through our DAO Governance


Stake your NFT to earn a portion of the fees generated through the in-game transactions

Join Us


The epidemic took over like a storm, but you took that ##### by the leash and showed it who’s the boss. While others panicked, you hustled. While others saved, you invested. You are a legend, a true believer, an early adopter, an OG, You are one of us. A Pirate of the Pandemic

Community member
Exclusive access to a flourishing community of like minded individuals, sharing resources and growing together
Early P2E Adopters
Be a part of decision making for a first of its kind, play-to-earn game "Ferocity Battle Royale"
Deflationary Transition
The project has fusion and burn mechanisms to insure the rarity of the NFTs. Upgrades are imminent. 3D Pirates incoming
R&D and Innovation
Reinvesting in R&D for Haptic suits and VR compatibility. We will move towards a more immersive game as the project develops
As an aspiring DAO it is our duty to be fully transparent. We host weekly AMA's and give regular updates.

The Roadmap


Q2 & Q3 2021

  • Market research
  • Validating business model
  • Blockchain gaming R&D
  • Team Formation
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Building Ferocity P2E Maps (Ongoing)
  • Seed round investment
  • 3D Modelling of Characters (Ongoing)
  • Character Rigging (Ongoing)

Q4 2021

  • Website Launch
  • Content creation
  • Creating NFT Art
  • Executing business model
  • Securing Investors
  • Creating marketing strategy
  • Smart Contract Audit for ERC-721 tokens
  • Whitepaper V1
  • Whitelist collaborations

Q1 2022

  • "Ferocity" P2E Battle Royale gameplay trailer
  • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Treasure hunts
  • Pre-Sale mint
  • Team Expansion
  • The Carouser's Chantey - AMA sessions with community
  • Community Building Activities
  • Metarum with Evolution Mechanism Announcement
  • Rewarding Early Adopters and core community
  • NFT Staking Live
  • $BLOOTY rewards reveal
  • Merch Design Reveal

Q2 2022

  • Website marketplace for staking rewards
  • Metarum Airdrop
  • Mint Phase 2
  • Ferocity P2E Alpha Demo Release
  • Evolution Mechanism Implementation (Metarum)
  • Sunrise Marina HQ Unlocked
  • Community Fund for secondary market royalties
  • Bouncy Buckos NFT release
  • $POP Token Launch
  • DEX Listings
  • Migration from Ethereum to Immutable X

Q3 2022

  • CPE (DEX and Lending protocol Launch)
  • "Ferocity" Battle Royale release
  • The Raider's Metropolis (Mini Metaverse Trailer)
  • Lottery Marketplace to sell NFTs
  • Supply Burn
  • Sandbox Land purchase
  • Tickets for IRL Activities / Professionals
  • Yield Farming and Liquidity Mining
  • Rewarding Diamond Hands
  • Deflationary Transition
  • NFT Fusion Mechanism for WarShips and Bouncy Buckos
  • Transition to a DAO

Q4 2022

  • Davey Jones' Locker (Art Gallery)
  • Major Marketing Push for mass adoption
  • Ferocity Battle Royale Tournament
  • E-Sports team Formation
  • Battle Royale VR Compatibility
  • Brand Empowerment
  • R&D for Haptic Feedback Suits compatibility
  • Letters of Marque: Monthly newsletter
  • Cross chain development
  • The raider's metropolis - Mini metaverse
  • Partnership project integrations
  • Establishing a 5 year plan and vision


Team Image

Captain Kash

Co-Founder, Creative Director

Imagination is the beginning of creation. Authenticity is immortality. In my spare time I write and produce music

Team Image

Captain Ab

Co-founder, Content director

Digital Marketing Strategist during the day, NFTs & sports cards connoisseur by night. Experienced in SEO, SEM and Social media marketing. Takis are the best snacks!

Team Image

Captain Shawn

Lead designer artist

Started doodling since he was 3 years old, now works on conceptual art and character development. Prior experiences include Square Enix and Dbros.

Team Image

Captain Chaitanya

Lead programmer and Discord Moderator

PHP Expert and spends all day crunching numbers. Codes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Team Image

Captain Pranav

IoT Engineer

Skilled in Eagle CAD and experienced with designing PCBs with Multi-layered, high Speed, ultra-low power, wireless Internet-of-Things technologies. Co-Founder of Augmentum Interractive studio

Team Image

Captain Spencer

Fullstack Blockchain developer

Experienced in crafting solutions for web development and blockchains. Loves layer 2 solutions. Worked with Marigold on Tezos (XTZ)

Team Image

Captain Joe Josiah

Solidity Developer

Love blockchain. Live and breathe Ethereum. Love creating creative innovations and developments in the crypto space.

Team Image

Captain Brian

3D lead artist, Unity developer

The leader of the play to earn movement. Former dev at Take Two Interactive. Passionate about Artificial Inteligence and Metaverse development.

Team Image

Captain AK-47

Lead 3D Product designer

Skilled at Rapid prototyping, 3D Printing, CAD and PCB design and manufacturing. Co-Founder of Augmentum Interractive studio

Team Image

Captain Manan

Community manager

Customer satisfaction is my motto. Experienced in helping E-commerce startups scale and execute. Started using discord long before it became the norm.

Team Image

Captain Danny

Social media manager

Expert at Facebook and Instagram ads. Online community is everything.

Team Image

Captain Rute


Crypto maximalist and professional nft degen. An onchain operative working to build utility and spread nft love.



Captain Shawn here. The most devastating environmental tragedy I have ever come across was the Northeast Brazil oil spill which occurred in late August 2019. I was visiting Salvador for an art exhibition when one of the locals told me that the beach was covered in black dirt and dead sea creatures. I went to the beach to get a first hand experience. Seeing what I saw, brought tears to my eyes. What used to be beautiful blue water and golden sandy beaches were now covered in washed up crude oil, dead turtles, dead fish and the smell of grief reeking from a heavenly place that the innocent once called home. Since that day, I chose to make a difference and I made it my mission to save the ocean in any way I can. With POTP's #teamseas donation, I hope we can make a major difference in cleaning up the oceans. Join us as we embark on a quest to become the number one donor on the #Teamseas leaderboard.